Our Story

ProVision International is a youth non-governmental organization dedicated to offering countless opportunities for young people, including those with mental disabilities, to learn, grow, develop, and get empowered and inspired! Launched in 2010 by a group of energetic and inspired young individuals, ProVision aims to boost the personal and professional development of youth, inspire others to act for positive changes in their communities, and empower the most vulnerable by providing learning experiences through holistic and non-formal education approaches. ProVision gives young people the chance to expand their horizons and explore the world of Erasmus and other mobility programs.


Our Mission is to provide to young people transformative educational experiences which will boost their development and growth, help them reach their potential and goals and be active part of the civil society. 

PROVISION is committed to enhancing the educational and social opportunities for individuals with mental disabilities. It aims to develop comprehensive support systems that cater to the diverse needs of these individuals, fostering a more inclusive society.

Strategic Goals

  1. Develop Comprehensive Educational Resources: Create a wide range of learning tools and resources that support various aspects of education for individuals with mental disabilities, from academic subjects to life skills.
  2. Enhance Support Structures: Build and improve support systems that aid in the social and emotional development of individuals with mental disabilities, facilitating their full participation in society.
  3. Promote Inclusivity: Advocate for inclusive policies and practices in educational and community settings to ensure that individuals with mental disabilities have equal opportunities.
  4. Expand Reach and Access: Increase access to specialized services for individuals with mental disabilities, particularly in underserved areas, through partnerships and digital platforms.

Core Activities

  • Multimodal Educational Programs: Develop and implement educational programs that utilize both traditional and digital mediums to cater to the varied learning preferences and needs of individuals with mental disabilities.
  • Training and Empowerment for Caregivers: Provide training programs for educators, caregivers, and family members that enhance their ability to support individuals with mental disabilities effectively.
  • Community Integration Projects: Facilitate programs that help integrate individuals with mental disabilities into the community, focusing on social inclusion and active participation.
  • Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns: Conduct awareness campaigns to educate the public about mental disabilities and to promote the rights and capabilities of individuals with these disabilities.

Our Principles and Values

Intercultural dialogue

At ProVision International, we champion intercultural dialogue and inclusivity. We believe in humanity and encourage young people to discover the beauty and richness of all cultures and religions. Our aim is to foster an environment where everyone, including those with mental disabilities, can coexist in harmony, celebrating diversity and practicing living together with respect and understanding.

Our Team

Our team is as diverse as the communities we serve, comprised of international members who are all treated with kindness and respect. This diversity enriches our organization and enhances our ability to address the needs of a wide range of young people, including those with mental disabilities.

Non-formal education

We are committed to non-formal education and experiential learning. These are the cornerstones of our activities, allowing youth, especially those with mental disabilities, to learn and grow in a safe environment. Our approach is 'learning by doing' and encourages learning from each other, fostering personal growth and development.

Activities with&for youth

Our activities are crafted not only for young people but with them, making them integral parts of our organization. We ensure that our programs are accessible to young people with mental disabilities, basing our activities on peer-to-peer learning and actively involving young people in every stage of the process, ensuring their voices are heard and valued.


Leadership by personal example is at the core of our culture. We believe in authenticity and integrity, ensuring that our actions always match our words. This principle guides all our interactions and the management of our projects, including those aimed at improving the lives of individuals with mental disabilities.

Positive transformation

At ProVision, we focus on meaningful impacts rather than short-term successes. We adhere to values of integrity, hard work, quality, and responsibility, never taking shortcuts. Our ultimate goal is to achieve positive transformation for individuals and society, making a lasting difference in the world, particularly for those with mental disabilities.

Top skills

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Project management
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Team work
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Staff Expertise

  • Special Educators and Therapists: Professionals trained in special education and various therapeutic disciplines who provide direct educational and supportive services.
  • Technology Specialists: Experts in creating accessible educational technology and digital platforms that enhance learning for individuals with mental disabilities.
  • Community Coordinators: Individuals focused on fostering partnerships with local organizations and integrating services into the community.
  • Advocacy Specialists: Dedicated staff who work on policy development, stakeholder engagement, and public relations to advocate for the rights and needs of individuals with mental disabilities.