Our Story

ProVision International is a youth non-governmental organization providing countless opportunities for young people to learn, grow, develop and get empowered and inspired! It was launched in 2010 by group of energetic and inspired young people willing to boost the personal and professional development of other youth, inspire others to act for positive changes in their communities, empower the most vulnerable by providing learning experience trough holistic and non formal education approaches. ProVision will give you the chance to expand your Horizon and explore the World of Erasmus and other mobility programs.


Our Mission is to provide to young people transformative educational experiences which will boost their development and growth, help them reach their potential and goals and be active part of the civil society

Our Principles and Values

Intercultural dialogue

we believe in Humanity and we want to encourage young people to to discover the beauty and richness of all cultures and religions and to practice living together in a spirit of humanity.

Our Team

is international and everybody is treated with kindness and respect.

Non-formal education

and experimental learning-those are they key aspects of the activities we offer for youth allowing them to learn and grow in a safe environmental learning by doing and learning from each other.

Activities with&for youth

our activities are not only created for young people but with young people as they are integral part of our organization. Our activities are based on peer to peer learning and active involvement of young people.


by personal example is at the core of our culture. We do what we say.

Positive transformation

We never take shortcuts. Integrity, hard work, quality, and responsibility are key to building our organization. We do not seek success-we seek meaning! Our main is a positive transformation for individuals and society

Top skills

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Project management
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Team work
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