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Training course”Youth 4 Gender Equality”- 10-18 June 2022, Bansko, Bulgaria

πŸ’» Title: Youth 4 Gender Equality

πŸ“… Dates: 10-18 June 2022

🌍 Place: Bansko, Bulgaria

β›³Project description:

Trough implementing the Youth 4 Gender Equality we will contribute to increasing the awareness on gender equality issues among youth workers from participating countries while equipping them with the needed set of skills, knowledge and competences to tackle those issues.

Trough the project youth workers will familiarize themselves with the main challenges related youth face in terms of gender inequality, deepen their knowledge of causes and effects of gender inequality, become more aware of gender based discrimination an violence issues, explore different initiatives and good practices relate to encouraging gender equality thus get inspiration for their daily work. Moreover, trough the project we expect also the increase the capacity of the organizations involved related to tackling gender issues, gender based discrimination and ensuring gender equality.

The youth workers involved will be transferring the acquired knowledge, information, best practices, tools and recourse back into their organizations at home and encourage applying them into the local context and reality in the daily youth work and services they provide for young people. The youth workers themselves and the involved partner organizations will become more aware of tools, methods, resources and ways to encourage gender equality trough non formal education activities.

Having all this in mind, the main aim of β€œYouth 4 Gender Equality (Y4GE)” is to increase the awareness of gender issues in youth work by providing youth workers practical and reflective skills in working with young people around gender equality. In this regard, the specific objectives of the project for youth workers are:

 -To reflect on their understandings of sex and gender and to increase their comfort level with these issues.

-To discover the main international commitments initiatives to gender equality.

 -To explore the causes and consequences of gender inequality.

-To increase awareness of female/male stereotypes and gender biases in them. To initiate a discussion about some of the consequences of gender stereotyping.

 -To make youth workers reflect upon their own ideological and cultural background regarding gender role.

-To recognize and understand gender-based violence as a severe form of gender discrimination and to take action to help prevent violence against women.

-To discuss the role of youth workers to contribute to promoting the value of gender equality and building motivation of participants to act as gender equality advocates.

 -To be able to prepare an action plan for implementing concrete activities to promote gender equality at local level.


  • Youth workers, leaders, coordinators over 18 years old
  • Currently involved in working with young people on the regular basis.
  • Interested to acquire new competences in the field of gender equality which is important for providing young people βˆ’ girls and boys, young women and young men βˆ’ with equal opportunities and experience which enable them to develop the knowledge, skills and competencies to play a full part in all aspects of society.
  • Ready to actively participate in the whole project (preparation, training course and follow-up).
  • Ready to organize at least one follow-up activity using the experience from this training (individually or together with another person from the same country) within 1 months after the training with youth with their local community and planning activities for the sustainability of the project.
  • Ready to implement one activity for publicity to share results from the training –blog interviews, article
  • Good level of communication in English Β 

β›³ PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Italy, Hungary and Estonia



Accomodation and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the duration of the activities will be covered by the receiving organzation PROVISION International. All participants will be accomodated in Royal Bansko aparthotel , located in Bansko Bulgaria at the follwoing address: ul. “Kosherinata” 2770, Bansko, Bulgaria

COVID-19 measures:

We strongly recommend bulgarian participants to be vaccinated.


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βœ… Contacts: If you have any further questions please contact us at:

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