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Youth exchange”STEPS 4 HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION “- 5-13 November 2022, Bansko, Bulgaria

πŸ“… Dates: 5-13 November 2022

🌍 Place: Bansko, Bulgaria

β›³Project description:

We have come across some very important challenges in relation to discrimination, hate speech, xenophobia and human rights violations growing in the last several years, along with the raising influence of social networks and growing hate speech online thus we as young people felt the need to approach those challenges. We do strongly believe in the power of young people to change and influence other youth and promote human rights thus we would like to engage youth from various countries in understanding and promoting human rights. Trough the project we would like to raise awareness on those challenges among young people, to bring this topic close to them in a youth friendly and engaging way but also to highlight the role of young people in human rights protection and activism.

The main objectives of our project:

-To provide understanding and awareness among young people about Human rights and human rights violations

-To encourage understanding and knowledge of youth about discrimination, hate speech and cyberbullying as human rights violations

-To present Participatory theatre methodology as a way for youth to get engaged and stand up for human rights

-to empower young people to tackle human rights violations trough participatory approach

We are aiming at activities that will provide young people with a safe and inclusive environment, and youth friendly learning platform to encourage awareness, information, engagement and empowerment in Human rights protection and activism. We expect the project not only to provide youth with understanding of human rights and human rights violations such as discrimination, hate speech, cyberbullying in general but to also to promote young people’s role in human rights activism and protection.

We expect, by actively involving actively all participants and having participatory and inclusive approaches to promote youth activism and young peoples role into human rights activism and protection, We expect that participants not only develop understanding and knowledge on the topic, but to realize the power of young people and their role in human rights activism. We expect that trough participatory theatre, the participants will develop understanding of various social challenges in Europe but also discuss the place and role of young people in solving them, different forms of human rights violations such as discrimination, hate speech and cyberbullying, tools how to report and combat them in a nonviolent way.

Moreover, we also expect that the participants will be inspired to multiply their experience thus engage more of their peers trough participatory approaches. We expect to have very strong international dimension of the project as well, building up our network and strengthening the cooperation among partners


  • -Young people between 18-30 years old with no age limit for the leader
  • -Motivated to participate in the project
  • -They are NOT on service under European Solidarity Corps at the moment of the activity

β›³ PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Romania, Spain and Turkey



Accomodation and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the duration of the activities will be covered by the receiving organzation PROVISION International. All participants will be accomodated in Royal Bansko aparthotel , located in Bansko Bulgaria at the follwoing address: ul. “Kosherinata” 2770, Bansko, Bulgaria

COVID-19 measures:

We strongly recommend all participants to be vaccinated.


Not applicable



βœ… Contacts: If you have any further questions please contact us at:

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