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Youth exchange”The KEY 4 YOUR SUCCESS “- 28 October -5 November 2022, Bansko, Bulgaria

📅 Dates28 October – 5 Noveber 2022

🌍 Place: Bansko, Bulgaria

⛳Project description:

We have realized that the work opportunities for the young people from rural areas and small towns and villages are usually not much and we youth need to move out to capital or bigger city to seek opportunities for career development.

The majority of the girls however, stay in the small towns, get married or work in a non-qualified jobs. Thus we believe that entrepreneurship could be an answer to young people like us-from small towns and especially the girls and women in Bulgaria and Italy especially are much less likely to become entrepreneurs due to various factors.

Our main focus is the personal growth, awareness and empowerment of the participants-we aim at providing knowledge and information about entrepreneurship, developing the skills of youth, raising awareness on the common challenges youth face related to employability, but also to foster sense of initiative and entrepreneurship and empowering youth with the focus of females to get on board of entrepreneurship

The KEY for your success`s overall aim is to raise awareness on challenges young people from rural areas and women face when they want to become entrepreneurs and encourage entrepreneurial spirit and mindset.

 The project objectives are:

-to raise awareness on challenges young people from rural areas and especially females face in start their own business

– to encourage entrepreneurial mindset and skills, knowledge and competences set among participants

-to encourage sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among youth and empower them to unlock their potential trough entrepreneurship

Trough implementing the project we would like to give a platform for young people, especially such with fewer opportunities and coming from rural areas to discuss common challenges facing and explore entrepreneurship as a way to overcome those challenges.

We would like also not only provide information and knowledge about entrepreneurship, but rather empower young people to be proactive, look for tools for self development, encourage them their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

 By encouraging their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship we would like to empower them to unlock their potential.


  • -Young people between 16-24 years old with no age limit for the leader
  • -Motivated to participate in the project
  • -They are NOT on service under European Solidarity Corps at the moment of the activity

⛳ PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy, Romania ,Portugal, Turkey and Serbia



Accomodation and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the duration of the activities will be covered by the receiving organzation PROVISION International. All participants will be accomodated in Royal Bansko aparthotel , located in Bansko Bulgaria at the follwoing address: ul. “Kosherinata” 2770, Bansko, Bulgaria

COVID-19 measures:

We strongly recommend all participants to be vaccinated.


Not applicable



✅ Contacts: If you have any further questions please contact us at:

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