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TC”Act Now For Today “- 10 October -18 October 2022, Bansko, Bulgaria

📅 Dates 10 October -18 October 2022

🌍 Place: Bansko, Bulgaria

⛳Project description:

Act Now For Today” is a mobility of youth workers, KA1 Training Course, under Erasmus+ and will be implemented by Copernicus Berlin e.V. with the support of Provision International. The training course will take place in Bansko, Bulgaria, and it will involve 30 youth workers (20+), from 6 different countries (Germany, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria).

  • This project is in line with the objectives of the Erasmus + program, by training 30 youth workers, members of youth organizations. Act Now For Today will bring together youth workers from different backgrounds and environments, with considerable different knowledge about climate change and sustainable practices. The project will promote responsible and (self)-reflective living, friendly to environment. Throughout the project, the participants will have an opportunity to reflect about the importance of individual acts and get to know some positive practices of sustainable living related to fair investments and local production. Nevertheless, the project will give the participants and participating organisation an opportunity to reflect about personal lifestyle and to “act now”, not wait for a worst tomorrow. The main topics of the project will be environment and ecology, climate change, overconsumption and pollution problematic, recycling, personal and common responsibility for the planet, sustainable living, cultural learning and mutual enrichment.
  • Therefore, the main objectives of the project will be to raise youth workers competences and awareness about the climate change and environmental problematic, improving knowledge on the climate change, fostering positive examples of sustainable living, exchanging experiences and mutual learning, raising the capacity of critical thinking about the information provided by (social) media, raising awareness about importance of solidarity towards environment and society.
  • The project will use nonformal learning methodology including methods such as: ice breakers, energizers, name games, reflection groups, working into intercultural subgroups, facilitated discussion, creative presentations, simulation, case study and debates.
  • Act Now For Today” is implemented by 6 organizations and financed by the European Commission through Erasmus+ programme.


For the participants’ selection the following criteria will be taken into consideration:

  • Interested to acquire new competences about climate change and sustainable practices, as well as raise awareness about importance of solidarity towards environment and society.
  • Ready to participate actively in all project sessions and activities. Participants cannot skip any sessions. If a participant will skip one session, he/she will not receive the total travel reimbursement.
  • Ready to actively participate in the whole project (preparation, training course and follow up)
  • Experienced or interested in working with Erasmus+ programme.
  • Participants must be aware that Copernicus Berlin e.V. and Provision International will not be responsible of any injuries of the participants.
  • The participants will have the following tasks:
  • To complete the Participant’s mobility report sent by EU
    • Implement at least one activity for publicity sharing the result of the project (blog interview, article, FB post, etc.), and make at least one follow up activity using the experience from the training (individually or together with another person from the same country)
    • Everything else that they could do or organize as a dissemination of the project will be warmly welcomed and appreciated from us.

⛳ PARTICIPATING COUNTRIES: Germany, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria



Accomodation and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the duration of the activities will be covered by the receiving organzation PROVISION International. All participants will be accomodated in Royal Bansko aparthotel , located in Bansko Bulgaria at the follwoing address: ul. “Kosherinata” 2770, Bansko, Bulgaria

COVID-19 measures:

We strongly recommend all participants to be vaccinated.


Not applicable



✅ Contacts: If you have any further questions please contact us at:

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